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We are always accepting applications to speak at our upcoming events. We have a mix of in-person and online events.


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9 Apr 2024
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Why speak?

We work with you to ensure that the speaking experience is the best that it can be and to achieve your personal and business goals.

Personal Benefits

Visibility and Authority
Get your name out there as an expert in your field. It's a great way of growing your career.
Having to prepare a talk forces you to really delve into the details on a topic. You'll be surprised by what you teach yourself.
Build Confidence
It may seem daunting at first but you will be on a high after coming off stage and the confidence will last even longer.
Supercharge your Networking
Don't worry about not knowing how to reach out to people - they will reach out to you.

Company Benefits

Brand Awareness
Your brand will be highlighted on the agenda for months as people research the conference.
Brand Authority
Your company is one of the few selected to be on stage. You get the transferred authority of all of the other large brands like Google, Uber, Spotify, Mastercard and more.
If you're looking to hire this is a great opportunity to highlight how work is really done at your company.
Press Coverage
If you have a big announcement we can facilitate press coverage at the conference.
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Mission driven

Everything that we do is around finding better ways to make change happen in organisations. Cross-functional conferences with real industry case studies is one part of making that change happen.

Giving back

It's not just about the big conferences - they help us to run free community events around the world to help more people and teams, as well as help people begin their speaking journey.


Sometimes you see the same people speaking at every conference. They are often great - but we prefer the people doing the work. That's why we'd love to hear about you and your experiences.


We work hard to ensure that our agenda has people speaking of all types of identities, abilities, races, religions and otherwise. But they have one thing in common - they're all phenomenal in their work.


We care about your speaking experience - from upfront speaking guides, to feedback on drafts to helping you make connections in the industry. We work with you to deliver on your goals.


We are a small team - you'll get to know us all as you begin your journey with us. And we pride ourselves on the fact that we call a number of our past speakers friends.

Audience Roles

It takes a full product team to build a successful product so we target Product, UX, Design and Development roles.

Audience Metrics: Product: 21%, UX: 22%, Design: 19%, Development: 20%, Project: 11%, Other: 7%

Audience Seniority

We have a large contingent of senior decision-makers as well as the people doing the work, who have a strong say in the products and services they use.

Seniority Metrics: CEO/Founder: 4%, C-Suite: 12%, Senior Management: 27%, Experienced Practitioner: 55%, Junior: 2%

Company Size

As companies scale they begin to slow down because they start creating silos and adopting waterfall ways of working. We demonstrate how companies can scale without losing the competitive product team structures.

Company Size Metrics: Enterprise: 46%, Large: 20%, Medium: 14%, Small: 13%, Startup: 5%, Self-Employed/Freelance: 2%

What we're looking for

Theory is great - but we want tangible actions that people can take away. That is why we have a strong preference for case studies that show the details and gritty challenges that you faced adopting a new approach and the benefits that it is now delivering.

We break out the content for the conferences into the following areas:

Product Vision
Uncover the customer's underlying needs, then find the intersection between those needs and the current business objectives. It is key for everyone on the team to be involved to ensure alignment and avoid unnecessary rework.
Continuous Discovery
Customer needs shift rapidly and therefore continuous quantitative and qualitative research needs to be conducted by the team. The biggest waste in product development is building the wrong thing, but this research will give insights that will enable more effective product decisions.
Continuous Design
Design is more than just pixels, it's about taking the customer problems identified in the research findings and solving these issues. Teams need to ideate together to generate the best solutions, and quickly prototype and validate them before committing to expensive builds.
Continuous Delivery
Good architecture is critical for a sustainable product, but that doesn't mean Big Design Up Front. By providing guidelines and boundaries, teams can be empowered to react to changing requirements while ensuring high quality and secure technical designs.
You aren't done when you release the code - you're only done when the code has made the expected impact. Teams need to track the metrics identified when ideating in order to validate the effectiveness of each release.
Enabling the Team
During the change from projects to product teams, it is necessary to ensure that the people in your teams are being supported and enabled. This includes ensuring there are clear objectives, as well as the psychological safety of trying new things.

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Hear what people have to say about the conference

“This conference changed the way I see designs and products, even how to build them.”

Jimmy Ritter
Jimmy Ritter
Web Developer at KPMG

“The growth I experienced as a designer after UXDX merely over a three day period is astonishing”

Sidharath Chhatsni
Sidharath Chhatsni
Senior Product Designer at Mark43

“How do I sell my great ideas to colleagues who weren't there?”

Martin Gjesdal
Martin Gjesdal
Product Manager at Storebrand

“We looked at every UX conference in the world, but none had speakers of the same calibre as UXDX.”

Kevin Richardson
Kevin Richardson
UX Team Lead at CEF

“I know that what I have been pushing within our company is right and this year getting IT leadership to attend with me got the message across the them.”

Mick Brady
Mick Brady
Principal Product Design Lead at Unum

“Excellent opportunity to get an insight in great companies and how they work and succeed to build better products”

Sandra Siggelin
Sandra Siggelin
Team Manager at Swedbank

“A jam-packed conference with many amazing speakers, bursting with ideas to share.”

Jean Liu
Jean Liu
Head of Product at Altmetric

“If you are in product, you'd better be at UXDX! Get ready for a two-day knowledge rollercoaster!”

Nicky Rutten
Nicky Rutten
UX/UI Architect at N digital studio

“The care that they put into the craft of the talks makes this conference so special”

Marijke Jorritsma
Marijke Jorritsma
Design Manager at NASA Propulsion Labs

“Turbo powered learning”

Atte Hynninen
Atte Hynninen
CPO at WordDive

“UXDX is one of the rare experience focused conferences that brings together cross-functional disciplines”

Cindy Chastain
Cindy Chastain
SVP Global Customer Experience & Design at Mastercard

“The speakers shared the best and worst of their experiences, giving the audience an insight into how to grow, fail fast and get ahead”

Amna Askari
Amna Askari
Software Developer at Reach Plc

Frequently asked questions

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Chat with us now.

I don't have time
We want to make speaking to our community as easy on your time as possible. We understand that you are extremely busy, so if you need to pre-record your talk or can only speak live at 9am in the morning, we will try to accommodate you as best as we can.
I've never spoken before
If you've got something to share, we'll give you tips, tools and suggested formats for your presentation. We'll help you practice your presentation and make suggested edits.
For those who are new to speaking, we can offer you the stage at our community events which have smaller attendance.
Every journey starts with a single step - so get started today!
Will speaker fees, travel and accommodation be covered?
Unfortunately not. We invest all of our revenue in delivering on our mission: running our free community events and helping new speakers get ready. All of our past speakers saw the value in our mission and in building their professional profiles. We also ensure that your experience is amazing with dinners, networking drinks, walking tours and more.
Can I suggest someone?
Yes. If there's someone you want to hear or learn from, apply and let us know why.

Ready to speak?Apply today.

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