Futureproofing the Tech Behind a Snapchat Experience


Futureproofing the Tech Behind a Snapchat Experience

Continuous Delivery

Imagine each individual being their authentic self when using every Snap product. How powerful it is to be able to uniquely define their identity with flexible, creative and engaging ways to express themself! Imagine an engineering process's entire approach rooted in that customization.
Tammarrian Rogers, Snap’s first Inclusion Engineering Director, strives to help Snap normalize this vision through engineering processes. Her aim is to balance the inputs and outputs required to deliver equitable and inclusive products. A standardization of fairness, equity and inclusivity throughout the dev lifecycle (input) enables delivery of fair, equitable and inclusive product experiences (output). Success is defined by customers; for only they can validate if they are able to express themselves authentically. In this talk, Tammarrian will discuss:
- Ways to evaluate product experiences for inclusiveness
- Building a dev lifecycle infrastructure that supports and promotes inclusive product development
- A case study: the iterative process of creating an inclusive product experience in Snapchat

Tammarrian Rogers

Tammarrian Rogers, Engineering Director, Inclusion,Snap Inc.