Paying off Tech Debt - Scaling Up To Grow


Paying off Tech Debt - Scaling Up To Grow

Continuous Delivery

Startups need to focus on product market fit and user acquisition before building the perfect system because things are guaranteed to change.
But what happens after a startup's found product market fit and accrued a mountain of tech debt along the way? In this session Catherine will discuss her teams work at Stash as they navigated their way through an intense growth period and how they tackled paying down tech debt that was impending hyper growth.

  • How do you recognise the scaling risks in your systems?
  • Trading off challenges between monoliths and microservices
  • How reducing cognitive load improves the resilience of a system
  • Frameworks for identifying types of tech debt and strategies for approaching them
Catherine Cornell

Catherine Cornell, Director of Product, Invest,Stash