Breaking it down and putting it back together, together ;)


Breaking it down and putting it back together, together ;)

Continuous Discovery

For every UX & product challenge that Reed has encountered, he has always relied on his ability to break down any problems into digestible pieces and reassemble them into new perspectives. This allows the team and stakeholders to get clear on what they are talking about, and gain a deeper understanding of the basic principles of the user problems.
Drawing on the Generic Parts Technique developed by psychologist Tony McCaffrey and Ground Theory developed by two sociologists, Barney Glaser and Anselm Strauss, Reed will talk through:

  • How he has overcome stakeholder challenges and increased the value of UX throughout his experiences,
  • How he has encouraged his product teams to be more involved through the UX process, and
  • How this framework has not only lead to a more cohesive and efficient team process but a more innovative culture
Reed Jones

Reed Jones, Senior UX Researcher,Zoox