Adapting Product "Best Practice" That Works for You


Adapting Product "Best Practice" That Works for You

Enabling the Team
UXDX Community: Singapore 2021

People love "best practices" because you can achieve the highest quality outcome with minimal problems. But is there a single best practice in product teams? What works in Spotify, Netflix, Tencent or Baidu is based on their structure and technology stacks. This session will explore how different teams are structured in practice and move the conversation from "best" practice to "great" practices.
Moderated by Catherine Madden, join the conversation, share your insights and probe the speakers on the elements of their talks that left you wanting more.

Nazish Zafar

Nazish Zafar, Senior UX Research Manager,Grab

Henny Melvina

Henny Melvina, Research Ops,Grab

Jill Quek

Jill Quek, Senior Product Designer,Automattic

Sigit Adinugroho

Sigit Adinugroho, Senior Product Designer, Money & Channels,Shopify

Christine Wang

Christine Wang, China UX Research Lead,Shopify

Catherine Madden

Catherine Madden, Founder,UXDX