Untangling Complexity in Your Design Process


Untangling Complexity in Your Design Process

Enabling the Team
UXDX Community: Simplifying Design Processes for Team Efficiency 2024

Tackling complex user experiences is hard. If teams don’t have a clear understanding of all the pieces of the puzzle, they might run the risk of questions and relationships surfacing when it’s too late in the game.

The double diamond design model and similar processes don’t give designers a clear path to transition from problem definition to solution design. There are still a lot of questions we should get answers to before jumping into ideating solutions. Understanding the problem is often not enough — having a better understanding of the tools and relationships in your system will allow for a clearer path to solutions.

Enter OOUX and ORCA, a design methodology that allows us to design solutions that align with users' mental models, for a more intuitive and holistic understanding of the product.

Gabriela Ospina

Gabriela Ospina, Senior Product Designer,Wolt