The Adaptability Test: How to Survive and Thrive


The Adaptability Test: How to Survive and Thrive

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As technology evolves, ‘new’ ways fast become ‘old’ ways. Adaptability is important to thrive in an ever-changing work environment. Being able to adapt to changing environments and work processes makes you a competitive job candidate and a strong overall professional. Our panelists will discuss the characteristics and actions that will help you adapt to a modern workplace, and become better at your craft, and a better leader.

Nishtha Dalal

Nishtha Dalal, UX Manager,Shopify

Avantika Gomes

Avantika Gomes, Group Product Manager, Production Experience,Figma

Kathy Nguyen

Kathy Nguyen, Senior Product Manager

Michelle Parsons

Michelle Parsons, Former Chief Product Officer at Hinge | Executive in Residence at Product School