Storytelling with Data


Storytelling with Data

Enabling the Team

In my 10 years of career as a data professional, I have realized the most underrated, overlooked, yet possibly the most important skill as a Data Analyst is the ability to tell an impactful story with data. The most accurate model or the most sophisticated analysis is meaningless if one can't convince its benefits to the stakeholders. In today's fast paced world with shortened attention span, the ability to tell a concise and convincing story is crucial. In this presentation, I am going to talk about some structures and fundamentals of storytelling with data and delve deep into dos and don’ts of impactful storytelling. I’ll be talking from my experience as a Data professional, but I believe this skill is equally important for UX and Product.

Subhasree Chatterjee

Subhasree Chatterjee, Senior Data Analyst,LexisNexis