Boring Design Stories


Boring Design Stories

Continuous Design
UXDX Community: Singapore 2021

It's fun to design the fun stuff. But what about things like complex migrations and ridiculously long settings pages? Join us as we share some real stories about how "boring" things are crucial to successful products -- and really aren't boring at all.
In this talk, we'll discuss:
1. How to breakdown, organise and understand complex or tedious problems
2. How to get stakeholders (and yourself) excited about "boring" work
3. Why investing in "boring" work ultimately leads to a better product

Jill Quek

Jill Quek, Senior Product Designer,Automattic

So that's interesting because we really had that hive mind when we joined, WeTransfer and then we were split as a design team into all those different product development teams and what we started to notice is that people start becoming silos again. All of a sudden everyone is only focused on their product team and not necessarily like okay, so what is the whole UX of the product? People are going rogue and for the last year I've been investing a lot of time in, how can we bring the designers back together while working in those cross-functional teams? I think what's super key is to look at what can and rituals does your team has. So how do you communicate, how do you give feedback, promote feedback early and as often as possible and also look at how do people give feedback to each other?