The UXDX Team

The people who put UXDX together

Our Team

We are a small but growing team of people who are passionate about helping companies improve their ways of working to build better products with happier teams.

  • Picture of Catherine Madden

    Catherine Madden


  • Picture of Rory Madden

    Rory Madden


  • Picture of Victoria Harguindey

    Victoria Harguindey

    Project Director

  • Picture of Roisin Madden

    Roisin Madden

    Project Director

  • Picture of Krista Jegorova

    Krista Jegorova

    Global Events & Operations

  • Picture of Isabella Galavis Lerbs

    Isabella Galavis Lerbs

    Marketing Executive

  • Picture of Niamh Grimes

    Niamh Grimes

    Event Executive

  • Picture of Sebastian Quintero Gonzalez

    Sebastian Quintero Gonzalez

    Marketing Intern

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