Why UX Research Doesn't Need To Break The Bank


Why UX Research Doesn't Need To Break The Bank

Continuous Discovery
UXDX Community: Nordics 2021

As part of the IKEA team exploring the creation of AR gaming experience for children in-store, Shilpi started her journey through uncharted territory when she was presented with new challenges around every corner. Shilpi encountered many learnings and insights along the way, but one thing that stuck with her is that the most complex of products often requires the most basic type of research to achieve data.

In this talk Shilpi will use her experience with Ikea and Pandora to talk through:

  • Experiences of being a UX researcher for complex products and advice for fellow UX researchers looking to justify the importance of UX research
  • How she was able to get data and user insights with almost little to no budget
  • The types of research methods she has used and why she used them, and
  • Insights for a product team conducting UX research
Shilpi Sinha

Shilpi Sinha, Head of UX Research, Partners,LEGO Group