Undefended Leadership: Challenging the Now to Create the Next


Undefended Leadership: Challenging the Now to Create the Next

Enabling the Team

The momentum is now moving more towards work becoming vocational, aligning to the passions inherent in an individual’s life. .The truth is the organisational paradigm hasn’t been challenged since Henry Ford. This results in wide spread untapped potential, lack of innovation, choice bias and herd mentality. The behaviours that made us successful in the last 100 years are not those that will bring us forward and we need to work against our naturally disposition to only think in terms of our own lifetimes. , Paul discuss the challenges of being one of the first neurodiverse hires into a company, how we now need to think of ourselves and what we’ve learned in overcoming stigma and legacy working practices.

  • A Framework for understanding an organisations personality
  • The convergence of entrepreneurism and corporatism
  • Teal organisations and empowering generalism
  • Crossing the divide and staying same in the interim
  • The results you can expect
Paul Prior

Paul Prior, Head Of Digital,Three