Superfast Product Development

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Superfast Product Development

Product Direction
UXDX Community: Stockholm 2020

Is superfast product development good or bad? When everything is growing and scaling - from the number of customers and users, to number of sales people, designers, developers and repositories - how do you keep up the delivery speed and customer centricity? Attensi has recently passed 100 employees, and in this session Marthe will share how her team of developers and designers work with product development from ideas to live features while still living Attensi's company value "superfast".

Marthe Prestegaard

Marthe Prestegaard, Senior Product Manager,Attensi

What are the one or two things that are really stopping you from being effective in your day to day job? So we use that survey one at the sort of the company level and at the engineering level, what we're doing with each team on a quarterly basis is sort of that touch point where they fill out a sort of their are adherence to agile practices. How they feel about how they're working, whether they feel the autonomy that they need is there and all of that. So we're using that as a sort of guidance to say, well, some teams may be performing quite well but due to certain circumstances we were seeing maybe that tail off a little bit. So it's a nice sort of way of just getting some insight into what's happening but not just doing it on yearly biases but doing it every quarter and sort of like that heartbeat check with the teams, so there are other things that we do as well, obviously, as you can appreciate from a metrics point of view in terms of our development side but in terms of just trying to get in inside the head of our engineers basically, that's sort of what we're found to be most effective.