Serverless APIs using Amazon Web Services

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Serverless APIs using Amazon Web Services

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This workshop explores and introduces you to serverless APIs. You will use AWS services to design and implement an asynchronous serverless API, accounting for relevant aspects like decoupling, reliability, performance and failure management. Join this workshop and learn how to choose the right AWS services but also how to optimise for both cost and performance. Through hands-on practice, this workshop will provide you the essential skills to bring serverless APIs into your own applications.

Basic knowledge of AWS is recommended.
You will need access to an AWS account (all workshop activities fit in the AWS Free Tier).

The workshop leaders will use the AWS Cloud9 environment, so you don’t need any installations or configuration on your local machine except for an API client (curl, Postman, JMeter or other)

Alin Iacob

Alin Iacob, Cloud Architect,visma