Putting The Customer First: Jobs-To-Be-Done


Putting The Customer First: Jobs-To-Be-Done

Product Direction
UXDX Europe 2018

Adding features to hardware and software products is not very difficult. Adding what people see as actual, sustained benefits is harder--and much more valuable.
User research, when done in a thoughtful, curious, and creative manner, helps our teams learn about what truly matters to people, and what their hopes and challenges are. From there we develop important insights that guide our designs-the opportunities we see for us to help people achieve their goals by the solutions we conceive and create.
We know it's essential to meet people where they are in their health, wellness, and fitness journey. It's equally important to create a flexible and compelling ecosystem, to keep people engaged, and be continuously helpful as they make progress. 
In this session, we'll review how insights guided the design of our newest and best-selling product to date, along with new experiences like female health tracking.
At Fitbit, we see our jobs as helping people be healthier, and to actually improve their lives through sustained behavior change. Powerful stuff.

Matt Barthelemy

Matt Barthelemy, Global Head of UX,Fitbit