Product Evolution: The Journey Of Humanizing Digital Experiences


Product Evolution: The Journey Of Humanizing Digital Experiences

Product Direction

As professionals working in product development, we've all experienced how the system has evolved. From being driven by creating requirements to now, a more user driven methodology through data and insights. But how can we take this further and humanise the user's journey and step forward into the future of product development? By bringing ML & AI in tandem with your users journeys.
In this talk, Mansi will talk about her experience through this evolution and how see the future of products and systems. She will touch on:

  • How she helped evolve product systems throughout her career;
  • What challenges she encountered at each step; and
  • Based on her current project, how can she further push her business to the future by humanising user journey interactions
Mansi Kamdar

Mansi Kamdar, Principal Product Manager - Director,Walmart Labs

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