Opportunity Solution Trees: Finding Your Way In The Forest

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Opportunity Solution Trees: Finding Your Way In The Forest

13 Oct, 9:15 am - 12:30 pm (Europe/Dublin)

13 Oct, 08:15 - 11:30 (UTC)

Continuous Discovery

** **Are you swamped with ideas coming in from your team, stakeholders and user interviews? Do you feel like sometimes you're barking up the wrong tree? Or perhaps you can't see the wood for the trees? If so, this workshop is for you. Tali will introduce how to put into practice Teresa Torres's method for creating OSTs (Opportunity Solution Trees). From creating them; to discussing best practices for utilizing them, this workshop will help you improve your product discovery and prioritisation process.

Over the workshop, Tali will walk through;

  • Introduction to OSTs (Opportunity Solution Trees) and how the team at Texthelp use it for product prioritisation
  • Hands-on Practice: Engage in interactive exercises to create OSTs and gain practical experience in applying this technique.
  • Problem-Solution Mapping: Discover how OSTs can help you navigate through a sea of ideas by mapping out the relationships between user problems and potential solutions.
  • Prioritization Strategies: Explore best practices for using OSTs to prioritize opportunities and make informed decisions based on user needs and business objectives
  • Collaboration and Alignment: Understand how OSTs foster collaboration among team members, stakeholders, and user insights, ensuring everyone is aligned on the identified opportunities and potential solutions.
  • Overcoming Analysis Paralysis: Learn how OSTs can help you avoid getting overwhelmed by the sheer volume of ideas and focus on the most promising avenues for product development.
  • Q&A and Discussion: Engage in open discussions, share insights, and address any questions or challenges related to implementing OSTs in your product development process.
Tali Melchior

Tali Melchior, Director of Product Management,Texthelp