Operational Evolution: Harnessing Design for Internal Business Transformation.

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Operational Evolution: Harnessing Design for Internal Business Transformation.

Continuous Design

Step into the world of design-driven operations in this engaging and enlightening workshop led by industry expert, José Manuel. Witness first-hand the transformative power design holds for business operations and dynamics. Explore the often overlooked, but significant value of infusing design thinking into operational teams and processes.

Through real-world examples and hands-on exercises, delve into how Thoughtworks successfully incorporated design into their operations. Learn how design thinking sparked significant internal transformations, developed efficient in-house tools, and established meaningful baseline metrics. This journey will exemplify the potential of a design-centric approach to spur growth, streamline operations, and revolutionize business models.

Moreover, this workshop will shed light on the exciting new opportunities that are emerging for designers within operations at non-design companies. As key agents of change, designers are increasingly transforming operational processes at scale in industries traditionally alien to design practices.

Are you ready to speak to non-design audiences, and to understand the languages of the business you aim to transform? Can you tie back potential solutions to ROIs? In this collaborative session, you will learn not only how to earn a seat at the table but also how to articulate design problems as business problems.

Join José Manuel as he explores the transformative power of design-driven operations and equips you with the knowledge and skills needed to become a design catalyst within your organization.

Jose Manuel Villanueva López

Jose Manuel Villanueva López, Principal For Organizational Change,ThoughtWorks