Open-source Projects in Modern Data Stacks


Open-source Projects in Modern Data Stacks

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Modern Data Stacks rebuild the enterprise data ecosystem. There are data engines like Hadoop, Snowflake, Databricks, and data lake and real-time data engines like Flink, Spark Streaming, Amazon Kinesis, and many other cloud services to support data processing.
With so many open-source BI tools and modern data applications, how can we use them to build our modern data stack and rebuild the enterprise data ecosystem? This topic will talk about this issue, including:

  1. How does modern stack help us rebuild the enterprise data ecosystem
  2. The most fascinating technical innovations in big data world in 5 years
  3. The fast open-source projects that facilitate modern stack ecosystem development
William Guo

William Guo, Apache Foundation Member, Apache Incubator Mentor, Founder&CTO of the commercial company WhaleOps, Founder of ClickHouse Chinese Community, Apache DolphinScheduler PMC, Apache SeaTunnel (incubating) Mentor,The Apache Software Foundation