Object-Oriented Design Framework: Building Effective Design Patterns

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Object-Oriented Design Framework: Building Effective Design Patterns

Continuous Design

This workshop introduces an Object-Oriented Design Framework that enables participants to create robust and maintainable software systems using design patterns. Participants will gain practical skills in applying the framework and understand its benefits for software design.


  • Defining patterns to bridge gaps between developers and designers
  • Scaling best practices through a design system
  • The Object-Oriented Design Framework
  • Core components of the framework
  • Enabling systematic design pattern formulation
  • Applying patterns in projects
  • Step by step guide to applying the framework in design systems
  • Hands-on exercises for practicing design pattern application
  • Framework Integration
  • Integrating the framework into existing development processes
  • Key benefits of using the framework for software design

Key Takeaways:

  • How to create a scalable design system
  • How to better collaborate with developers using Object-oriented methodologies
Parisa Bazl

Parisa Bazl, Head of UX,Commvault Systems