Design-Driven Operations: The Key to Business Transformation.

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Design-Driven Operations: The Key to Business Transformation.

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UXDX Community: Democratising Research & Digital Transformation - Barcelona 2024

Jose Manuel Villanueva unravels the transformative potential of integrating design practices to help businesses evolve, drawing on his extensive experience leading design Operations at Thoughtworks,. He will delve into how design-driven approaches can revolutionize traditional operational frameworks, leading to innovative and more efficient business processes. Through a use-case scenario, Jose Manuel will illustrate the real-world impact of design thinking in operational contexts and he will explore how these methods contribute significantly by streamlining processes and fostering a culture of continuous improvement. This session is essential for those looking to understand how design can be a powerful tool in reimagining their business operations, ultimately driving organizational transformation while redefining what counts as real value for the organization

Jose Manuel Villanueva López

Jose Manuel Villanueva López, Principal For Organizational Change,ThoughtWorks