Lightning Talks


Lightning Talks


In just 25 minutes, you'll hear from five passionate speakers, each presenting for just five minutes. This is knowledge-sharing at its most dynamic and distilled.
From unearthing emerging trends to diving into a transformative idea, our speakers will deliver a potent dose of wisdom in a bite-sized package. But don't let the brevity fool you – these quickfire talks are designed to challenge assumptions, ignite your curiosity, and spark conversations that go far beyond the event.

Shilpi Sinha

Shilpi Sinha, Head of UX Research, Partners,LEGO Group

Ramona Ziemann

Ramona Ziemann, Head of Design,Endava

Jose Manuel Villanueva López

Jose Manuel Villanueva López, Principal For Organizational Change,ThoughtWorks

Daniel Heaslip

Daniel Heaslip, Senior Manager | Human Centered Design,Three

Martina Hodges-Schell

Martina Hodges-Schell, Managing Director,Northshore