Life After Launch: Keeping Your Product Alive


Life After Launch: Keeping Your Product Alive

UXDX Europe 2018

Many good projects start their march towards failure right after launch. Even if you managed to build your MVP version of the product by following the best lean startup practices, it's very tempting to become backlog-driven and spend the next year implementing all the darling ideas that didn't make the cut to the first version.

Instead, you should be relentlessly focusing on the market and building what is most valuable. This talk shares real-life experiences on achieving that (and sometimes failing).

Documenting your long-term product vision while avoiding heavy upfront-design
Best practices for lean prototyping
How to craft smart hypotheses to test your assumptions
The two moments of truth for any service and how to systematically design for them
Customer journeys and story maps as a way of maintaining your roadmap

Matias Pietila

Matias Pietila, Head of Design,Qvik