Leveraging DesignOps for More Efficient Team Collaboration At Scale

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Leveraging DesignOps for More Efficient Team Collaboration At Scale

16 May, 11:45 am - 12:20 pm (America/New_York) - Main Stage

16 May, 15:45 - 16:20 (UTC)

Product Direction

As design teams grow, effective collaboration is crucial. This entails establishing company-wide
systems and practices that keep the customer at the center, empower cross-functional teams
and align leaders. A social psychologist by training and a designer by trade, Kaaren uses the
techniques from both worlds to drive teams toward desired outcomes, with a constant focus on
customer empathy. Introducing such mindset and expertise to the Design and Customer
Experience team at Chase, Kaaren Hanson emphasizes the need to be very deliberate in how
the company operates as a single cohesive design, product, engineering and data team.

Bringing her experience leading the Chase design culture to UXDX, Kaaren will examine the
concept of using design processes to help product teams work cohesively across large
organizations. It would provide mechanisms that help teams anchor on the end-to-end customer
experience, with strategies and tools for improving communication, transparency and efficiency,
and do it well at scale. The end goal is to ensure teams are clear on what problem they’re
solving and what outcome they’re driving toward.