Kitch Research Field Trips


Kitch Research Field Trips

Continuous Discovery
UXDX Community: APAC Series: UX Process 2022

At Kitch, once a week, we do restaurant sightseeing to bring some realness to our work (Product Squads and other teams like Marketing, CommOps, Sales, Account Manager, Leadership). Our customers are at the core of our values, therefore, learning from and with them is a top priority for all teams to be more aligned with real needs and opportunities 🍽

Every restaurant is unique. It’s essential to be conscious of how they run their business, what tools and processes they use and what kind of customers they’ve. But also to recognise that their observations are their truths, their point of view. It’s always important to see how restaurants explain their thoughts and motivations behind something.

After this presentation, you'll walk away with an understanding of how at Kitch:

-Everyone is invited to join in. Each team has different priorities, approaches and ways of thinking that will enrich our data collection. This is also a way to involve the all company in one particular initiative.

-How they've executed 35 Field Trips involving 56 different people from different areas.

-How they run alignment understanding sessions about the restaurant and how to prepare for the Field Trip.

-Who’s involved on those actions (restaurant staff, couriers, customers)? How do they perform them (do they use any particular tool, systems, object, any particular process)?

-Why It’s also important to collect evidences, artefacts that can illustrate what the team observed (photos, videos, tickets, promotional materials... you name it!).

Raquel Félix

Raquel Félix, Product & UX Researcher,Kitch