Inclusive and Accessible UX Research

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Inclusive and Accessible UX Research

Continuous Discovery
UXDX Community: USA Series: UX Process 2022

In addition to building tools and services to enable the next generation of digital aviation records, TrustFlight also strives to make the experience valuable for all users in the industry, regardless of their age, race, or disability. In a time when the aviation industry is grappling with methods to improve inclusion and diversity, TrustFlight's all women UX team focuses on indigenous learning methods in their research methodology as well as understanding how culture impacts UX in this global industry. My talk will touch on different challenges we encountered, accessibility considerations that we incorporated into our core design, and inclusivity practices in UX research, especially in remote settings.

Binoodha Kunnath

Binoodha Kunnath, Senior UX Researcher,Hammer and Tong