Human-centered UX Design For Cross-culture Audiences


Human-centered UX Design For Cross-culture Audiences

Continuous Discovery
UXDX Community: Singapore 2021

The world has abundant problems to solve through user experience (UX). Humans are at the center of these problems. If we look deeper, these problems have a lot of things in common (we share human problems and many things are alike), but there are also cultural nuances that make them a bit different from each other. As UX practitioners, we ultimately solve problems for human beings, and although we try to achieve universal solutions, there are values from understanding these differences. By understanding them, we design experiences that better suit their needs, make users happier, and potentially explore bigger opportunities. In this talk, Christine (UX researcher) and Sigit (UX designer) outline the best practices to uncover insights of cross-cultural differences in UX and how to best design within this context.

Sigit Adinugroho

Sigit Adinugroho, Senior Product Designer, Money & Channels,Shopify

Christine Wang

Christine Wang, China UX Research Lead,Shopify

Because we also notice that at some point people are getting annoyed. For other reasons of a sudden they also became very snarky in giving feedback which then turns into people protecting their work not sharing it and then you have this divide, instead of you wanting those people to really work together. So yeah be as transparent as possible because I think that's what happened thereby all the conversations that we had like hey should we do this? Should we do that? It was just a lot of conversation and I think even if you're not in the same team you need to try to facilitate that.