How To Find, Fix, And Prevent Accessibility Issues

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How To Find, Fix, And Prevent Accessibility Issues

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Finding, fixing, and preventing accessibility issues doesn’t have to be hard. It can actually be quite easy for dev teams to make a big impact. In this workshop, you'll learn useful tips and tools on how to catch a significant majority of accessibility issues on your website with just a little more effort. Our trainer will guide you through interactive exercises focused on giving you practical experience integrating accessibility into the development process and helping you build your accessibility problem-solving skills.

In this workshop, you’ll learn:

  • A review of key testing techniques: automated, guided & manual
  • An intro into fixing the most common accessibility issues
  • How to sustain an accessible website as you scale
    This workshop is open to anyone but will benefit Front-End Developers, UX Engineers, Designers of small to large organizations who are interested in accessibility testing and improving their products and sites.