How to Change a Tire on a Moving Car


How to Change a Tire on a Moving Car

Enabling the Team
UXDX Community: USA East 2022

With his experience in multiple domains and companies, Scott has seen businesses overextend the tread life of their products and eventually have to deal with the risk of a blowout or serious accident from feature bloat, maintenance pruning, and other reactionary cultural phenomena - but no matter the cause they eventually lead to the same unfortunate outcome.
In this session, Scott will share an alternative method to tackle and improve your product user experience. He will touch on:

  • how to plan for landscapes and not roadmaps;
  • what makes a successful crew;
  • the importance of one lug nut at at time.

The goal of the session is to change the tire without stopping the car. That means we may have to loosen a lug nut here and there, get the tools in place, and be prepared to take off a lug nut until we get to a point for that quick tire swap.

Scott Himmer

Scott Himmer, Lead UX Designer,Renaissance Learning