How to Ask So Users will Talk. How to Talk So Users Will Ask

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How to Ask So Users will Talk. How to Talk So Users Will Ask

Continuous Discovery

Facilitating user feedback is a big unlock- however there is a high chance you're facilitating wrong. Or worse-- aren’t facilitating at all!
In this workshop you’ll walk away with:

  • A step by step process for facilitating user feedback sessions
  • Key questions that never fail to get the juiciest responses
  • Applicable tricks from adjacent fields
  • The toolkit Amanda has built from 12+ years lessons learned in facilitating user research, including a list of go-to phrases
    From hostage negotiation to boardroom negotiation Amanda will show how you can draw tactical strategies from adjacent fields as well as best practices from user experience research. You’ll use it to shape product direction, facilitate better meetings with confidence, and even use it as a fallback for tough conversations with your spouse, friends, or kids.
Amanda Gelb

Amanda Gelb, Research Manager & Area Lead,Asana