How High-Growth Tech Companies Scale Culture & Process


How High-Growth Tech Companies Scale Culture & Process

Product Direction

There are a number of ways technology companies scale fast. Scaleups that acquire other companies achieve their goals faster than those who grow organically, however they have mammoth culture, team and product integration complexities. Those who have grown organically, that culture and process that helped define their launch can be one of the hardest things to scale. Leaders of these companies are under pressure to determine which elements are worth preserving, how they align with the forward-looking business strategy, and how to define and foster that's ideal as the organization expands and integrates new people into the ranks.

  • Integration of acquisition: How you bring that into your portfolio
  • How do you manage that coupled with organic growth
  • Balancing short and long-term vision
Alan Hicks

Alan Hicks, CTO,Manna Drone Delivery

Robbie Tilleard

Robbie Tilleard, Product Director,Multiverse