Enabling the Team: UX Frameworks for Wide Org Success


Enabling the Team: UX Frameworks for Wide Org Success

Enabling the Team
UXDX Community: Colleague Experience and PM Onboarding 2023

Colleague experience, or as it's still often called Employee experience, is an important component of the overall UX maturity of an organisation. Data shows investment in colleague experience has a significant impact on innovation, customer satisfaction, and revenue, so many companies are now realizing how great workplace experiences impact employees. By definition, Colleague Experience encapsulates what employees encounter and observe over the course of their tenure at a company. It is often viewed as an HR function only, however, CX could be every employee touchpoint with IT and technology, processes, physical experience, policies, and even interactions with other employees.

Delivering UX for internal tools and systems however can be a challenge. Complex company ecosystems and business processes require holistic view and approaches, in combination with effective frameworks and strategies that help streamline and increase impact of CX within organizations.

Kremena Pehlivanova

Kremena Pehlivanova, UX Manager, Colleague Experience,VMW