Empowering Developers To Build a Great Payment Experience


Empowering Developers To Build a Great Payment Experience

Enabling the Team
UXDX Community: Nordics 2022

Building a universal checkout framework for developers is hard, a challenge that the team at Primer has successfully executed.
In this talk, Monika, Head of Product Design, will talk through the journey of how the product team at Primer designed and built Universal Checkout — Primer’s fully customisable checkout SDK that comes with a visual tool for no-code styling and customisation. It not only stands out from the competition but more importantly, solves a massive problem for their users.
She will touch on:

  • Some examples of challenges the team faced and some tough decisions they had to make.
  • How to make sense of user feedback — going from building requested features for individual customers to abstracting requests and designing for scale.
  • How to step outside of the comfort zone of the common design process: Working with a non-linear, imperfect process, driven by many factors beyond user wants and needs.
Monika Ocieczek

Monika Ocieczek, Head of Product Design,Primer