Empowering and Growing Teams as you Scale


Empowering and Growing Teams as you Scale

Enabling the Team

A common trap many leaders fall into when scaling a high growth company is the mentality of 'we'll worry about building better team culture later'. However instead, those 'temporary' bad processes are firmly cemented into the foundations of the business itself.
Moderated by Matti Klasson, this panel will discuss what tactics their teams and companies have used to both grow their teams in tandem with their product for maximum benefit

Seiya Ohta

Seiya Ohta, VP User Experience,Trustly

Yolanda Martin Olivas

Yolanda Martin Olivas, Global VP of Design,ClearScore

Pamela Mead

Pamela Mead, Global VP of Design,SumUp

Matti Klasson

Matti Klasson, Head of Engineering Management,Nordic Entertainment Group