Empathy - A Gateway to Accessibility

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Empathy - A Gateway to Accessibility

Continuous Discovery

Join Amy in this hands-on workshop, where you'll gain physical insights into the world of access needs and digital inclusivity. First, learn how to create an unique Empathy Lab. Immerse yourself in various scenarios mimicking the everyday challenges of those with different accessibility needs. You'll be able to take the idea of an Empathy lab back to your team, giving new perspectives on the importance of designing digital tools for accessibility.

In the second half of the workshop, Amy will walk you through a high-energy, collaborative design sprint. You'll apply the empathy and understanding gained to rethink and redesign a digital tool with access needs at heart. By the end of this session, you will have a renewed appreciation for inclusive design and practical knowledge to create digital tools that truly serve all users. Come be a part of the mission to make the digital world more accessible, one design at a time.

Amy Lobé

Amy Lobé, UX Designer,Moneyhub