Empathetic Research: Learn More by Speaking Less


Empathetic Research: Learn More by Speaking Less

Product Direction
UXDX Community: EMEA Online Series 2022

When we think of “users” we often confine their identities into how they’re interacting with our products and services. But how might we take a step back, to understand their mental models of the world and how those behaviors translate into the experiences we deliver? At the same time, how can we ensure we minimize our personal bias and influence in the process? Ultimately, we're designing for people - not just "users" - and their needs continually evolve, so our products must do so in parallel. In this session, we’ll explore ethnographic and visual methods for continuous research, the role of language and metaphors in survey design, and actionable strategies to develop meaningful, adaptable products.

Ibrahim Ayub

Ibrahim Ayub, Co-Founder,movig