Embedding A Human Centred Design Culture


Embedding A Human Centred Design Culture

Continuous Design

From scaling agile, to building an aligned leadership direction, knowing where to start when establishing design practices is one of the most daunting tasks.
This panel will give insight from key executives on their successes and obstacles hit along the way like;

  • Why it’s easier in some environments to succeed than in others
  • Design as a culture and not just a role: Creating user-centric thinking throughout the organisation
  • How to put design practices in place: From continuous user testing, user journeys and measuring user behaviour
  • Improving the consistency of interfaces in a complex application landscape
  • Key ways to increase design maturity as an organization.
Tom Alterman

Tom Alterman, Director of Product Management,Asana

Baylie Brenner-Bruzgis

Baylie Brenner-Bruzgis, Head of DesignOps,Twitch

Lindsay Norman

Lindsay Norman, VP of Design,Hinge

Jim Longo

Jim Longo, CoFounder,discuss.io