Do You Create Effective and Actionable Journey Maps?

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Do You Create Effective and Actionable Journey Maps?

Continuous Discovery

Are you building customer journey maps that give your organization what it really needs? How do you take the emotion out of it and identify your own blindspots? With time and budget restraints, how do you quickly determine which problems to focus on first? By the end of this hands-on session, you’ll have:

  • A research-based scorecard to assess your existing journey maps
  • Concrete tools to help you identify research bias and set inclusivity goals
  • A system for creating journey maps that includes how to prioritize top opportunities to make smart decisions quickly
  • Free enterprise access to Key Lime Interactive’s proprietary journey mapping software, JourneyTrack (3 weeks)
Christin Bowman

Christin Bowman, Product Manager,JourneyTrack

Eugenio Santiago

Eugenio Santiago, SVP, UX/CX Strategy & Research,Key Lime Interactive