Distilled Agility for skeptical teams


Distilled Agility for skeptical teams

Enabling the Team
UXDX Community: Designing for Agile Domains 2023

I have worked in a few different types and sizes of product organizations, applying agile ways of working from different roles. Starting with strict by-the-book practices of Scrum or SAFe and learning how to adapt them and explain them to the more skeptical minds in the engineering world. As part of my experience, I have created a distilled approach with a strong belief that everyone can understand the foundational concepts that underpin agile methodologies. As an engineering manager with agile coaching background and approach to my work, I use these concepts to help teams find their way and learn how to be agile and not just apply agile methods.

Ligia Gaspar-Lukianchikova

Ligia Gaspar-Lukianchikova, Product Manager,SameSystem