Creating A CX Culture Through Sprints


Creating A CX Culture Through Sprints

Continuous Design

Culture, oftentimes is the first step in allowing any organisational change within a business.
When Jasper Wu, joined U-Next this was his daunting task; to expand the design culture to include the users experience, journey and translating the insights from the research team. And to create interest within the business, his first step was to involve everyone (even management) in a design sprint.
In this talk, Jasper will talk through how he established his first design sprints in U-Next and how it has created a better understanding of their users, better overall team involvement and became a great tool to break the internal structural hierarchy.
He will explain:

  • How he started sprints? Who is involved?
  • What has worked and what hasn't?
  • How they adapted to remote design sprints?
  • Any future plans for improvement
Jasper Wu

Jasper Wu, Chief Experience Officer,U-Next