Blueprint for Transforming Businesses with Effective Design Systems

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Blueprint for Transforming Businesses with Effective Design Systems

17 May, 3:15 pm - 3:50 pm (America/New_York) - Main Stage

17 May, 19:15 - 19:50 (UTC)

Continuous Design

Discover T. Rowe Price's innovative approach to treating Design Systems as a pivotal business asset, driving significant ROI and transformative growth. This session will reveal our journey in strategically aligning and adopting our Design System across the organization, which has been key to our success. Learn how we expanded our core team from 14 developers to over 20 professionals, making the Design System a central part of our operations. We'll share insights on how these methods are scalable and adaptable, providing a comprehensive guide for enhancing design system management and fostering growth in both small companies and larger organizations. Gain valuable perspectives applicable to engineering and product teams, and understand how our approach to promoting components through analytics has made a profound impact.

Alex Wilson

Alex Wilson, Design System Engineering Lead,T. Rowe Price