Beyond Data: How to Get BuyIn


Beyond Data: How to Get BuyIn

Enabling the Team

The biggest myth about getting buy-in or influencing others is that you only need data and logic to make your case. Data and logic are necessary but often there are far greater complexities at play. Giving examples from their team, the group will discuss their blueprint to getting buyIn from all the different potential risk areas and how to get past tricky situations
Moderated by Nigel Yeo, join the conversation, share your insights and probe the speakers on the elements of their talks that left you wanting more.

Jasper Wu

Jasper Wu, Chief Experience Officer,U-Next

Preethi Mariappan

Preethi Mariappan, VP, Design & Architecture,Visa

Nigel Yeo

Nigel Yeo, Global Product Manager,Xendit

Shaheena Attarwala

Shaheena Attarwala, Design Leader - Emerging Markets