Aligning Product & Team Objectives with UX


Aligning Product & Team Objectives with UX

Enabling the Team
UXDX Community: USA East 2022

This interactive session will look at how to place the user at the heart of team and product decisions. Each panelist will share their view on how to better align your teams objectives by using UX strategies, through a shared language and common goals.

  1. User centricity as a culture and not just a role: Creating user-centric thinking throughout the organization
  2. How to put UX practices in place: From continuous user testing, user journeys and measuring user behavior
  3. Improving the consistency of interfaces in a complex application landscape
  4. Key ways to increase design maturity as an organization.
Carmen Broomes

Carmen Broomes, Head of UX Research,Handshake

Mackenzie Guinon

Mackenzie Guinon, Senior UX Researcher,Handshake

Lori Neff

Lori Neff, Senior Digital Accessibility Engineer,Optum