Aligning Autonomous Teams


Aligning Autonomous Teams

Enabling the Team
UXDX Community: Europe South 2021

This discussion will gather the Volkswagen Digital Solutions team working on product delivery to discuss their processes, approach, direction and team targets including;

  • Who sets the direction
  • How do you ensure everybody is working towards the same goal
  • How does communication and handover work between the roles work
  • How do you ensure excellence within each function (autonomous teams/continuous delivery
Pedro Couto

Pedro Couto, Product Manager,Volkswagen Digital Solutions

Chloë Humby

Chloë Humby, Product Designer,Volkswagen Digital Solutions

Wilson Mália

Wilson Mália, Software Engineer,Volkswagen Digital Solutions

Marcelo Knakiewicz

Marcelo Knakiewicz, Product Manager,Volkswagen Digital Solutions