Age and Interface: Equipping Older Adults with Technological Tools


Age and Interface: Equipping Older Adults with Technological Tools

Continuous Design
UXDX Community: APAC Online Series 2022

The topic highlights the importance of Gerontechnology, digital tools that are specially designed for elderly users, the term itself is a portmanteau of gerontology and technology. The research focuses on serving older adults within the age group of 60 to 75 years old, who lack digital literacy skills.


Audience will learn about the importance of Gerontechnology, AgeTech, assistive technology and importance of accessibility design principles.

There is an emerging need to understand Gerontological design, which is a design discipline that utilizes the knowledge of gerontology and design research methodologies to create products and services with the intention to help the older population. They are created with a unique infrastructure that will meet the process of ageing and the functional and psycho-emotional needs of senior consumers.

Audience will be gaining insights on how to implement Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 in their design to accommodate browsers with special needs.

This talk intends to empower older adults with the fundamentals of digital literacy and computer literacy; to help them to understand technology vocabulary, and to make them proficient Digital Citizens. The audience will learn to exercise their 'Right to Internet’ and safe navigation.

Rittika Basu

Rittika Basu, Visual Designer,Merkle