A Product Development Process from First Principles

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A Product Development Process from First Principles

Continuous Delivery

Processes are a collection of best practices that fit the context in which we are working. The problem is that contexts change over time but our processes remain embedded. In this workshop we will design a process from scratch based on the context of today.

  • Most features fail to deliver the expected value - how can we minimise this risk?
  • Team design impacts processes - how can we design our teams to deliver the processes that we want?
  • Products grow in complexity over time - how do we avoid slowing down?
  • Managers need to ensure funds are being spent in the most effective ways - how can we deliver that confidence without reverting to early scope lockdown?
    You’ll walk away from this workshop with a higher level understanding of the complex challenges facing people at different levels of an organisation and how to improve your processes in a way that works for everyone.