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The UX Design Institute is the global leader in UX education and certification, offering the word's only fully online, university accredited diploma in UX design. Our mission is to offer a world-class education to the next generation of UX professionals and leaders. UX design plays a vital role in harnessing and shaping the power of ever-evolving technology. Our courses will shape the great designers of the future to better serve individuals, businesses and society.

Whether you're completely new to UX, or you have some design experience, or you've already started working in UX, this course is ideal for you.

The Professional Diploma in UX Design has been developed to help you build a successful career in UX. What will you get from the course?
* You'll learn to think like a UX designer, and adopt the mindset that makes them so valuable</li>
* You'll have the confidence that comes from a true, deep understanding of the domain
* You'll have job-ready skills and a portfolio of work to prove it
* You'll have a university accredited diploma, a globally recognised qualification

Upon successful completion of the course, you will become a Certified UX Professional.