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  • You’re browsing a website or an app that is selling a product you know for sure you want to buy. After muddling your way through the main navigation bar that offers dozens of product categories, services, and options to select from, you give up and turn to the search bar to quickly find the item you’re looking for. But the search bar doesn’t direct you to any results.

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  • As a designer, we dream of delivering amazing experiences, beautiful UI, and exceptional products. But how often do we see the end product not match our initial expectations? It’s easy to say “We want to build this amazing thing but we don’t have enough development capacity.” Being able to work around these constraints and being able to get your ideas into production is really a skill on its own.

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  • UX writing is based on two simple principles: Be respectful and be useful. A UX writer works from a place of empathy, always thinking about the end user or customer first, and putting themselves in their place to understand how an interface can be a delightful experience, removing any potential frustrations, problems, or mistakes for them.

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