Want to Attend UXDX EMEA 2022? Convince Your Boss

Want to Attend UXDX EMEA 2022? Convince Your Boss

We don’t have to sell you on the idea of going to UXDX, but we suspect you may need to ask your manager or supervisor. For those, who might need a little help with this, we have prepared a stock letter that will convince even the most sceptical bosses. Feel free to customise the email below as you see fit!

Hi {Insert Your Boss’s Name},

I'm looking to use some of my training budget and I've been looking up conferences that would be good to attend. I came across UXDX EMEA (https://uxdx.com/emea/2022) which is taking place in Dublin from 12-14 October.  

Why UXDX stood out to me is because of how they structure the event:

  1. The latest practices and techniques
    The UXDX agenda is centered around helping companies shift to product teams so the streams include Continuous Discovery, Continuous Design, Continuous Delivery, Product Direction and Enabling the Team.
  2. The focus on case studies
    Theory is great but UXDX sources speakers from leading companies to share the case studies of how they have implemented new practices and the challenges they had to overcome so it's more practical to implement.
  3. Getting work shipped
    There are separate Product, UX, Design, and Dev conferences but products are built by teams, not functions. UXDX spans all aspects of product development to help people understand other team members' roles, encourage more collaboration and ship better products, quicker.
  4. Diving deeper
    UXDX is a hybrid event so they decided to mix up the agenda. They release pre-recorded talks so more of the conference can be spent diving deeper into topics. They run Forums; unstructured conversations around particular topics; each morning which are great ways to understand what challenges other companies are facing and expand my network.
  5. Getting hands-on
    Finally, there are lots of workshops being run where I can move from just listening to talks to getting more hands-on and learning in a range of areas.

The price is a steal compared to other conferences in Europe — it’s currently on sale for [insert your preferred ticket and price] . They also offer a 5 for 4 discount if we bring the team.

The reputation that the UXDX conference has built over the last 8 years is world renowned in terms of quality content so I'm guaranteed to get some applicable learnings from the event.


{Your Name}

Rory Madden

Rory Madden


I hate "It depends"! Organisations are complex but I believe that if you resort to it depends it means that you haven't explained it properly or you don't understand it. Having run UXDX for over 6 years I am using the knowledge from hundreds of case studies to create the UXDX model - an opinionated, principle-driven model that will help organisations change their ways of working without "It depends".

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